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How to Break Creative Block Pt. 2

Part 2 – Your Environment In the previous post (How To Break Creative Block Pt 1) we covered exercises, best practices, and materials to help you fight off creative block. Today I want to cover the place where you create. Whether it’s a studio, a house, an apartment,...

How to Break Creative Block Pt. 1

The idea of creative block is foreign to me. Not because I have some gland overfilled with creative hormones oozing out of every pore (although that would give me something to blame if I suddenly discover I’m in need of a shower. “Oh, don’t mind the smell. Inspiration...

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Artist Selection

Officially announced yesterday, I will be one of the official Star Wars artists participating in the Star Wars Celebration Orlando Art Show! I’m not allowed to show the art I have been working on until it’s been officially revealed on but if you are...

Star Wars Celebration Studies

While working on my Star Wars Celebration Anaheim print, I created several pieces to practice and study various elements of the final painting. I was asked if I could post some of those studies and explain my process a little. Building the Idea: First is the concept...

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My name is Lee Kohse. I’m a freelance artist and content creator working for various movie studios and publishers. Most notably, LucasFilm LTD, Dreamworks, Fox (Disney), and the USMC. I’m also a Creative Streamer on Twitch (link in the top nav), where you can watch me draw and paint live from my studio. Below is some eye candy so my site looks less crappy but you can click on the Gallery link in the top nav to see much more art.