PhotoshopCafe PaintingTutorials

PhotoshopCafe PaintingTutorials

Every ComicCon,  someone always manages to say “I wish I could do that”.  Well, thanks to Photoshop Cafe’s digital art tutorial DVDs, now you can!  Watch as I go through the key steps and techniques I use to create digital art, incorporate tradition painting disciplines in a digital environment, and make fun of Dick Clark’s hair.  The lessons on my DVD focus on theory and techniques as well as the software capabilities.  This means that whether you use the latest and greatest software, or something a few years old, can still complete the exercises.  However, for those that do use the latest versions, there are segments on improvements to the software and how they can be incorporated into your art.

I currently have two DVD’s available:

Digital Painting Techniques In Photoshop

shows you how to incorporate a traditional painting background to your digital work. In this 3.5 hour DVD, I discuss work flow, lighting, texture, brush choice, techniques in traditional art, and how they relate or can be incorporated into a digital environment. Then I show you how to out it all together by painting two different pieces.

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Custom Brushes & Painting In Photoshop

is the follow up to my first DVD. This time we go more into the dynamics of the PS Brush Engine, creating custom brushes, and I even give you over 100 brushes I use in my daily work. And to top off the ultra coolness of this DVD, I paint an alternate reality Voltron! Steampunk Voltron for the Art of Voltron book. I also explain the basics of the Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush Tool.

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